Xi'an Friendship Medical Electronics Co., Ltd. is a high-tech multinational manufacturing company with the integration of science and research, product development, design & manufacturing, sale & trade as well as technical consultations. The company not only has a modern office building and standard workshops, but also is equipped with various kinds of specialized cutting-edge faci.....[ more... ]  

Friendship Medical is engaged to providing the customers with high-quality and low-cost Disposable Subdermal Needle Electrodes, Disposable Pre-Gelled Ag/AgCl Surface Electrodes, Disposable Nerve Stimulator Probes, and other electroneurodiagnostic accessories. --Meeting your requirements is the cornerstone of our customer service policy. --Our products have got the c.....[ more... ]

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  1. Cup Electrodes
  2. Nerve Stimulator Probe
  3. Subdermal Needle Electrode
  4. Surface Electrode
  EEG Gold cup   EEG Ag-AgCl cup  

  Double Hook Nerve   Double Hook Nerve Stimulator  
  Double Ball Tip Direct Nerve Stimulator Probes   Triple Hook Nerve Stimulator  
4 3
  Right Angle Double Hook Probe   Flush Tip Direct Nerve  
6 5
  Bipolar Direct Nerve   Concentric Direct Nerve  
8 7
  Monopolar Direct   Ball Tip Direct  
10 9
  Triple Hook Nerve Stimulator Probe      

Subdermal Needle Electrode
Surface Electrode
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